2016 ASCD Annual Conference Notes

One of the highlights and blessings of my year is my attendance at the ASCD National Conference. As such, I love to give back when I can and so I took notes in various workshops and shared them via Twitter (@wcarozza). Here are the links to these notes with brief explanations for each workshop:

Principal Baruti Kafele did not impart any new research or unusual perspectives but he is a good cheerleader. He does shares some big picture questions that are worth examining in his workshop Critical Leadership Questions for Inspiring Schoolwide Excellence.

Alan Blankstein and Pedro Noguera speak on the issue of of equity and cultural responsiveness in their keynote presentation Excellence Through Equity: 5 Principles of Courageous Leadership.

My Heidi Hayes Jacob influence began in the late 90s with her impressive work on curriculum mapping. Her partner in this workshop, Jay Mctighe, is the co-author of Understanding By Design along with the late Grant Wiggins. Sure enough, curriculum mapping is about to receive its third iteration and you can read a bit about it from the workshop Are You Ready for Curriculum Mapping 3.0?.

As I interview for an Assistant Principal over the last week, a theme that comes up often fro the candidates is the need for a Growth Mindset. Carol Dweck delivered a keynote with some new insights on the Growth vs. Fixed Mindset. The keynote was entitled The Journey to a Growth Mindset .

Mike Schmoker was likely the most impassioned speaker I had a chance to hear at ASCD. He spent his brief time distilling the education mission for al of us in his keynote Leading With Focus-How Leaders Can Accomplish More by Doing Less.

Perhaps the most immediately useful workshop came from the very popular Indiana State University professor Todd Whitaker who is best known for his motivational and comedic talks. He partnered with ISU professor Steve Gruenert for Rewiring your School Culture.

Do you have any thoughts or notes from #ascd16 that you’d like to share?

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