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Our first Blog Poll asked, Would you rather start school before or after Labor Day? Nineteen out of twenty voters voiced their choice to start school after Labor Day (95%). While hardly scientific, it shows a significant difference from our current practice. As a district, we have chosen to begin before Labor Day for a couple of reasons:

  • By beginning early, it gives us some protection against ending the year late in June (do you remember last year?) when snow days extend the calendar a bit.
  • It gives us a chance to begin the year slowly with kids with a short week before Labor Day.

Nonetheless, starting before Labor Day does end the summer early and perhaps cuts family vacations a bit. I will be sure to send along this data to the Calendar Committee as they meet every year to look at the next year’s school calendar. 

Please participate in our new poll which centers on buses. The question is: Would you rather have the district establish a greater number of cluster bus stops for children or continue with the practice of primarily stopping at each house? The advantage of more cluster bus stops is that each bus will have to stop less often which diminishes ride time. The disadvantage is that there needs to be added supervision of children, perhaps outside of other families’ homes. This is an issue the district will be tackling before too long.

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