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The USDOE has deemed August “Connected Educator Month” and there are a variety of activities, especially webinars, which will hopefully inspire educators to explore the joy of connectivity. Here’s an email I just sent out to my staff:

Hi everyone,

The USDOE has deemed August “Connected Educator Month”. As part of this, there are some free webinars happening and even one today which should be very good-it includes a colleague of mine from Pennsylvania, Lyn Hilt, who I think the world of. Head to and just before 3 PM, click on the “Join The Session” link. It’s free and easy. I’m going to try and log in at 3 as well.

For more information on Connected Educators, head to

Info on today’s webinar:

12:00pm Pacific / 3:00pm Eastern:

Kickoff Panel and Discussion – “Connected Education and The First Six Weeks”
Suzie Boss, Lyn Hilt, Jane Krauss, David Rosas, Kate Berten, with Andrew Gardner and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach moderators

The key “to-dos” to get 2012–2013 off to a great start in the classroom, and how online communities and networks help make it great. The first 6 weeks of school always marks new beginning, whether you are a new teacher getting bearings and building strategies for classroom management, or whether you’re a seasoned teacher looking to expand your reach and exposure to other educators. This is the kick-off event for The First Six Weeks, one of the main forums for CEM.

In Blackboard Collaborate, live link

Let’s get connected.



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