Edcamp Granite State


One of the most significant professional development movements over the last two years has been the rise of EdCamps through the world. The concept comes out of a not so gentle dislike of traditional forms of “sit and get” learning where the speaker lectures at an audience, perhaps reading off of pre-packaged PowerPoint slides, and never takes the needs of the audience into the instructional formula. As an alternative, EdCamp is often called an “unconference”. Participants are also the presenters. Educators show up at the event and volunteer topics that they would like to present/discuss which then leads to a very democratic voting on what will be presented.

New Hampshire is now involved with the EdCamp movement with Edcamp Granite State held April 13, 2013 at Dover Middle School in Dover, NH.   The event is free and it’s easy to register. There are a number of corporate sponsors but since there are no high priced speakers being hired, the cost in minimal. The talent lies in the wisdom of scores of educators who enjoy sharing their knowledge and learning from others.

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