George Bailey and Our Rotation of Responsibility

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My wife’s favorite holiday movie is It’s A Wonderful Life, produced and directed by Frank Capra in 1946, starring Jimmy Stewart. It was nominated for five Oscars and is considered by many as one of the greatest films of all time. The reason this movie is so beloved is due to our ability to identify with Stewart’s character George Bailey. George made the right choices all his life, sacrificing his own dreams for the sake of his family. However, when one of his relatives made a fateful mistake that put his business and existence into jeopardy, George felt his life was over. But through a supernatural reflection of his life, Mr. Bailey realized the blessings that he still held with friends and family trumped the grave nature of his troubles. 

For many of us, our careers and daily routine prohibit our ability to reflect the way George was forced to in that movie. We are on a rotation of responsibility, simply getting through each day with the routines we have to manage just to break even. 
My hope for everyone this holiday season is that we can use the gift of time to get off the roller coaster of life long enough to reflect on our blessings. Perhaps this reflection can carry us into the new year with a renewed appreciation for our friends and family and a commitment to pause more often.  

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