Haiti, 2010

There is no place on earth that deserved a devastating earthquake less than Haiti. Just miles from our coast, in our own Hemisphere, Haiti is one of the poorest nations on earth. Lacking in natural resources, suffering from major deforestation, and having to endure decades of corrupt government, millions of Haitians are now lacking their most basic human needs.

The question for us blessed Americans is: what can we do? Here are some ideas.

I’ll be updating this list and I invite others to contribute as well.

From our friends at Twitter:

  • Text HAITI to 90999 and you’ll donate $10 to the recovery effort via the American Red Cross. The money is billed to your mobile phone account.
  • Musician Wyclef Jean’s Haiti-focused organization, Yele is also accepting text-message donations. To donate $5, text Yele to 501501 or visit the foundation’s web site.
  • Oxfam International has also set up an earthquake response fund. You can visit their web site to make a donation to this fund.
  • To follow each of these recovery efforts as they progress, we can follow @redcross, @wyclef, and @oxfam.The Huffington PostCNN, and The New York Times have spent time curating special lists to track events related to Haiti.


  • You can donate to the American’s Red Cross’s work in Haiti via iTunes. There’s a simple “Donate” button once you click the large red cross symbol in the middle of the store’s set-up page. Donation levels are: $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, and $200.
  • Hollywood Stars will be hosting a telethon for Haiti relief on Friday, January 22.
  • Other diverse charities are involved in Haiti relief as well such as Catholic Relief Services, OxfamUNICEF, The Salvation Army and The United Way.
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    1. HI Miranda-if you mean the very first sentence, it is clearly my opinion based on its devastating history. Of course, a big piece of this is the ruthless and selfish leaders the people have had to endure. My perspective is truly from the “rank and file” and not the leadership.


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