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We are busy. We’re in a phase of life where our children take up an enormous part of our energy, as we cart them around to games, school events, and music lessons, while helping them with homework, calming their natural fears, and helping them navigate their friendships. There is so much on our plate that the fundamentals of life can’t help but be taken for granted. And then suddenly, everything changes.

One of my Twitter colleagues is Denise Legore, (@dlegore) the Principal of one of the elementary schools in Joplin, Missouri. As you know, her town was devastated by a massive tornado and she estimates 75% of the buildings in Joplin were destroyed or greatly damaged. Fortunately, her own building was not damaged at all but most of the other schools in Joplin were hit hard and their high school was demolished. ( I asked her this week if there was anything we could do to help and two nights ago she wrote me back:

“Thanks Bill. This is surreal. The district is accepting monetary donations. We are committed to having summer school & then restart in 84 days.”

Denise is just beginning to learn about members of her staff that perished in the tornado but she is very thankful that her own house sustained no damage so she can be in a good position to help others. There is so much work to do.  As she says, “Don’t come to Joplin w/o a pair of gloves and a shovel!” Somehow, we reach a “new normal” and we move on.

If you or your family would like to help support those affected by this tragedy, head to this Red Cross link at:

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