House Bill 39

I’m concerned about HB 39 currently in the NH House. Part of the rationale for the bill is to eliminate NH’s ties to the Common Core Standards but more importantly, the authors want to eliminate Arts Education, Tech Ed, World Languages, and Health Education from the list of required elements of a NH student’s education. The bill is here online and you can find your NH Representative on the General Court Website so you can email him/her.

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  1. If this bill passes, I would expect my taxes to be cut by more than half. I’m being a bit sarcastic but with the elimination of so many classes, we’ll have no need for the teachers that teach them. And then we won’t need the school space either, prompting many towns to consolidate and therefore close some school buildings. When I in school, we didn’t have all the technological advantages we have today. But we did have everything else the House hopes to eliminate. We also had team sports, which many schools have had to eliminate over the years. And we had Home Economics. Learn to cook, sew, and keep a household budget. No such thing exists any more which I find more and more students need to help them prepare for life after school. All this can’t simply be left to the parents to teach their kids. Many parents aren’t qualified or are too busy working to support their families. And what about the kids in foster care??? (I speak from experience, here). This will also make our jobless rate soar and create more in the way of hungry and homeless NH citizens. Apparently, none of the House ever took Home Economics.

  2. Absolutely ridiculous that Rep Boehm (R) of Hillsborough would sponsor this bill. Studies prove that music and art not only enrich our children’s lives, but they have also been shown to increase test scores. And just how do they expect our kids to compete in a world that is becoming more and more globalized and tech-saavy every year?! Our property taxes increased by 1/4 this year and with absolutely nothing to show for it! We moved to NH 3 years because NH had good schools. Not anymore if they pass this….Time to start looking.

    1. As a NH taxpayer myself, I can relate to the need to watch closely what we pay for education. Yet, your assertion that the arts actually improves academic performance is right on the money. Of course, the arts are legit for exactly what they are, regardless of what it does for student achievement.

  3. House Bill 39 has come to my attention as a NH citizen, educator, and parent of children in this state. It presents a very dismal and radical plan whose goals are to save money for NH in the wrong places and place the burden of costs for essential academic programs on school districts, some which have disproportionate population and wealth. This tears away at the possibility for equal education for all- a grave problem already in this state and country! This bill projects abysmal end results as the Committee look for budget saving programs. Indeed, to strip and deprive our state’s children of the benefits of a solid, well rounded education sets our students at a great disadvantage as NH citizens, US citizens and World citizens…Our young people have enormous potential to learn and master diverse topics that will lead them to quality of life contributions to their community and to enjoy balanced multi-faceted lives.. NH is not a struggling, underdeveloped country – so why would the committee try to resort to such bare-bone tactics to save money?
    Who is being disserved by this bill? It is our children, our future, and certainly not adults who have finished their formal education. These fields of Arts education, World Languages, Health education, Technology -education and information and communication technologies provide the heartbeat of our lives, the state, the country and the world. To deny funding for these curricula is a travesty to all of the citizens of the state. Our students need to engage in diverse disciplines to understand the evolution of their world, history, literature, science, politics, and technology. We have been striving to provide our children with necessary skills and knowledge and exposure to topics that are necessary in this complex world….more learning is better, not worse….
    Adequate education involves so much more than basic Math, Science, English and Social studies and Physical Education… There are many aspects of learning available to our youth to guide and inspire them beyond these basic topics….Our parents, grandparents and great-grand parents had opportunities to learn Art and Music education, World Languages, Health education. One adds, not deletes learning opportunities– This is not archaic, except to those too ignorant to understand educational trends! Our schools must strive to expose and encourage our students to investigate and stretch their perceptions to gain proficiency, breadth and depth of learning; we need to provide them with opportunities to develop tools to function at all levels as world citizens.
    This very questionable bill- idea or attitude-about what is considered sufficient education for current and future generations of NH citizens and leaders is simplistic, and at the same time extreme and destructive to our culture. It is frightful to think about the possibility of narrowing the scope of what is considered “adequate” education for our young citizens. As a country our students already lag far behind in almost every discipline compared to the developed world’s youth, and this bill’s endorsement will incur further strain to function and compete in this global world.
    Furthermore, if the budget for education is whittled to such a dismal core New Hampshire as a state will lose competitiveness, culture, power, as well as its education-minded residents-and therefore lose even more tax base-.
    Respectively submitted,

  4. I believe it is wrong to deprive our children of such courses. There are many children who look forward to these subjects and excell in them and to take them away would be taking a part of them away. Where would we be without Music? Without tech ed? Withouth Health ed? And with so many imagrents entering this country our children should be able to learn another language. To take away these programs will put our children at a disadvantage when they graduate from school!

    1. HI Amanda:

      Fortunately, I think cooler heads will prevail. I understand the need to find ways to save money. Somehow we have to be sure that whatever cuts we make don’t hit the essentials. Thanks for your comment!


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