Memorial Day 2011

Thanks to my Father’s experience as a Marine in World War II, I grew up with a healthy respect for those who sacrificed their time and lives defending our American ideals. He never glorified his time in combat in the Pacific theater, yet, through a quiet resilience, I learned to honor those in uniform. Our school held it’s annual Memorial Day assembly for the entire school Friday complete with patriotic songs or poems from each grade level, an honor given to two of our local veterans, and a slideshow I always compile with music and images of soldiers through the years.

Today, my son marched in the Concord (NH) Memorial Day Parade down Main Street, as part of the Concord High School Band. You can’t miss him in the video; he’s the saxophone player the camera follows.

Given that I serve a community complete with many different political persuasions, I am careful to stay relatively apolitical in this blog. However, I find that nearly all of us agree on the honor we should give our Veterans on this Memorial Day.

Let this not be just the traditional beginning of summer, but a time of reflection.

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