Memorial Day 2013

The Concord (NH) High Marching Band, taken this morning during the Memorial Day Parade.

Living in the world of schools, certain “holidays” take on additional meaning. In elementary schools we take some pride in educating our young students in values that are common to almost all Americans. The public nature of what we do can be tricky – this comes up most often when we decide how “religious” our songs should be during holiday concerts. But it can also come into play a bit when we celebrate patriotic holidays. The public has different views on how the military conducts their business in areas from drone strikes to the legitimacy of the Vietnam War.

Nonetheless, it appears that the vast majority of Americans…Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and the non-political, agree that the sacrifices made by the men and women in our Armed Services have been crucial in ensuring our freedom and incredibly free and relatively prosperous way of life.

This Thursday our school will commemorate Memorial Day on its traditional day, complete with a visit from a number of Veterans from the Gulf War, Vietnam War, and even World War II. We’ll have some music, I’ve prepared a new slideshow with patriotic images set to music, and we’ll introduce the Veterans as well. My hope is that our students can begin to understand the importance of selflessness and sacrifice.

I also wrote about My Favorite Vet, a blog post honoring my Father, Victor Carozza back in November of 2010. Please check that out.

Think about a Vet this Thursday.

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