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 How different can two lives be while existing on this same earth? Today, while working from home during spring break, I wrote up a teacher observation, added pictures to our school website and answered a ton of email. In the late afternoon, my wife and I strolled around the lake across the street. As I’m starting this blog post, I’m watching the Red Sox and posting pictures of our family trip to the Sox Open House at Fenway Park on Flickr and Facebook. 

Meanwhile, tonight there’s a middle aged father in Kathmandu, Nepal escorting his family to the nearest green area away from his home. He wants to avoid any danger from aftershocks. His home is still standing but there are structural cracks due to the recent earthquake. His son, daughter, and wife are hoping for dinner but there’s little food to be found. There’s an overwhelming sense of sadness due to their friends that have died, the historical sites downtown that are demolished and the lack of hope for the future. 

Fortunately, there are heroes lending a hand in Nepal including Ben Ayers, the son of my former Superintendent, Dick Ayers. Knowing Ben works in Nepal, I immediately emailed Dick after the earthquake and he replied:

How nice to hear from you and for your thoughtful concern about Ben. Ben is still in Nepal with DZI Foundation and is OK. He is fortunate that all those who with with him are not injured as well although they have had considerable damage to their homes.

In fact, one of my colleagues found this article about Ben, essentially an interview with him about the conditions in Nepal right after the quake. 

Ben is the director of the DZI Foundation, an organization working to improve conditions in Nepal. This is an organization you should feel comfortable donating to, and you can do so by clicking on this link. Please help.

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