Podcasts have become part of my lifestyle. In a world complete with overwhelming information, we have to find ways to restrain the knowledge that is shooting by us at lightning speed.  In fact, the ability to limit this info is a skill we are starting to teach our students. For me, podcasts allow me to narrow the focus a bit as I am able to keep up to date with tech news, national and international events and analysis as well as sports commentary during my hour commute per day. 

I am experimenting with Podcasts as a way to communicate with parents as well. I was pleased to speak to a parent a couple of weeks ago who gains much of his information via podcast and places the HMS Podcast in as part of his listening queue.  The equipment used to produce each podcast (or “netcast” as well known technologist Leo Laporte refers to them) is pretty straightforward. I use Garageband recording software, native to my MacBook, and a Shure SM-58 mic fed into an M-Audio USB converter. The mix-down happens right on Garageband and then I publish the podcast using iWeb to bring it up to the HMS web site. To publish to iTunes, I utilize Podcast Maker, an inexpensive software program. I can usually produce a 10-15 minute podcast in about an hour plus 15 minutes of prep time. I don’t script out the content (who has time for that?) but I simply create some bullet points. 
To check out the latest Podcast, head to http://tinyurl.com/67k9yg.
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