Quick Podcasting Using AudioBoo

In my never ending quest to find new ways to communicate to the public, I stumbled upon Audioboo about a year ago. It’s a very simple audio podcasting service which, like most

new apps these days, has a social media element to it as well. I began using it to record the “Harold Martin Minute” last year and due to time constraints (I suppose) I stopped using it. In reality, the process is very quick.

It works like this:

1. Download the Audioboo app to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device (or use your browser).

2. Record your “boo” recording up to 5 minutes in length.

3. Easily upload to the Audioboo website from your device. When you log into your account (which you need to set up of course) it should be waiting there for you. From there you can embed the Audioboo (with player) on to your blog or website. You can also upload the “boo” directly to Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr.

There are many uses on the school scene for Audioboo:

  • Record a brief reminder of events and important info for your parents and community and embed it right on your web site.
  • Use as a podcasting tool. With your smartphone, you can easily interview teachers and students while capturing classroom gems. The audio format is simpler than video and often less intimidating for the interviewee.
  • Teachers can record student presentations and have them up on the web (or share them via social media) almost immediately after completion.
  • Teachers can use the Audiobook website to post their own audio newsletters to replace or enhance their regular weekly classroom newsletter. Better yet, students can record part of the newsletter too.
  • Teachers can post brief notes regarding classroom content for their students.

The social element of Audioboo allows one to collect Audioboo “friends” and follow others in the same vein as podcasts.

Please reply here or Tweet if you find this info useful or if you have other tools with similar attributes. Start recording!

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