Blog breakIt’s summertime in the world of educators and as a Principal I am hoping that my work week gets down to 40 hours or so. As such, I’ll have more time for blogging and I encourage you to do the same.

A number of Principals (and hopefully other educators) have agreed to use the hashtag #summerblog12 as we try to increase our blogging and perhaps set new habits when the Fall begins.  There are many opportunities for ideas this summer:

  • Many of you are at ISTE’s annual conference in San Diego and whether present or following the back channels via #ISTE12 there is much inspiration to guide your blogging. 
  • In my role with ASCD and our New Hampshire Affiliate, I’ll be traveling to Washington D.C. this summer for ASCD’s Leader to Leader Conference. The hashtag for this event is #ASCDL2L. Blogging and tweeting helps me reflect on what I’m learning in addition to whatever benefit readers may gain. 
  • Learning Forward, ASCD, NSTA, NCTE, and AASA are all offering summer conferences too and their content is ripe for blogging.
  • How about that pile of articles, books, and digital files sitting on the night stand just waiting to be read? I currently have over 300 notes in my “Read” file on Evernote. I find it’s a lot easier to throw files in that folder than it is to read them:


  • I also keep a file in Evernote of blog ideas. With 128 notes in this file currently, I can’t complain about not having the inspiration to carve out some thoughts:

Evernote 2

My good friend and colleague Steve Chamberlin compares summer for educators to a weekend. June is Friday night, July is Saturday, and August is Sunday. Now that’s getting to be late on “Friday night”, it’s time to take on the challenge of blogging twice per week this summer. 

I invite you to contribute any thoughts! #summerblog12

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