Tech Thoughts for May

Here are some random thoughts regarding technology rolling around in my brain:

  • Google Chrome is out of beta for the Mac. It is clearly the fasting browser I use; if I can’t get something to work in Safari or Firefox, Chrome will work. The biggest problem is it’s lack of support for 1Password, the best password manager out there for the Mac.
  • I spoke to our Apple Representative last week. His best guess is that Verizon may come to the iPhone by Christmas. But does he really know? I don’t think so. I also had a chance to play with the iPad. Is it a big iPod Touch? Absolutely. But the Touch and iPhone are revolutionary devices so the iPad is a larger revolution. My wife is dying to have one. The iPad is a perfect non-geek device for content consumption.
  • I admit that I am a Mac Fanboy. But my Droid Eris does not come close to the style, speed, and polish of the iPhone. I just don’t see Android becoming a serious rival anytime soon. Of course, if someone made a slick Android walk-through app for me to use when visiting classes, I’d carry the Droid around more than the Touch.
  • My son Benjamin just graduated from Saint Anselm College this past Saturday. Can you guess what his gift was? I bought him a Mac Powerbook which was recently upgraded from the previous version-in fact, it’s specs are very close to a MacBook Pro. The difference is now nominal until the 13 inch Pro is upgraded. As a former Dell user, he’s a happy man.
  • How can one beat the battle of the print? RSS readers such as Google Reader and NetNewsWire are excellent, but I think I’ve found something better. Give Feedly a shot. It uses Google Reader but has an elegant interface, excellent suggestions on new feeds to subscribe to, and an easy way to subscribe. It’s great for the Principal who needs to keep up with research, blogs, and news.
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  1. Im a huge RSS fan its the best way to get all the education stuff stright to the desktop, so cheers on the heads up with feedly, i hope it syncs with NNW on the iphone though.
    I had a play with the ipad too and couldn’t get it off my teenager. the browser experience is awesome. having multiple browsers is great for multiple google logins too.
    iphone is brilliant for walkthroughs too. good to see so many similarities in principals even from the other side of the planet

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