Tech Thoughts on Christmas Eve

Random posts like this are easy to write. I’m not sure my high school English teacher would approve of the bullet format but…

  • The iPad is becoming an enormous tool for me. Tonight, I’ll lead the band at my church using the iPad as my only tool for reading music. In fact, many members of the band have taken my lead and are using digital music instead of paper. After downloading music in PDF form from a specific music site, I throw it on Dropbox which can be easily inputted into one or more iPad apps. I’m currently using GigBook to house nearly 800 songs. With this app you can create set lists and simply swipe from page to page, song to song. One caveat though: have a back-up. I was using another music app, OnSong last week and the app failed on me. Fortunately, I had much of the music on GigBook and the rest I read off Dropbox on my iPhone. Tough on the eyes though.
  • I’m also not sure how I worked as a Principal without the iPad this school year. I complete my walk-throughs, take notes in meetings, and make appointments on the fly. It’s a great device for hallway work…that’s where a large percentage of work happens in my job and using Evernote, I have every document I need, right on my iPad.
  • Siri has not been the game changer I have expected. It frequently disappoints me when I’m trying to impress a friend or colleague. I’m thinking that Siri likes quiet; background noise seems to interfere. I’m sure that updates to its “beta” status will help.
  • I’m not a big game guy, but I’m really enjoying Words with Friends on the iPhone. Not sure how they manage to avoid copyright infringement with Scrabble though. I’m currently in games with two of my kids, my wife, and one of my teachers. No worries…I’ll will not become obsessed a la Alec Baldwin.

Nice to relax for a couple days.

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