The 50th

At Harold Martin School, we spend the majority of our time focusing on academic pursuits, as we believe strongly in providing our students with the core skills they need as they go forward as students. Yet, it is not by accident that we find time to celebrate the community values that allow us to arrive at school everyday as students and teachers with a respectful and caring attitude for each other. 

Our 50th Kick-Off event on Monday, September 15,  is our most recent example of celebration. We achieved a nice balance of student and adult participation. HMS Students Cassidy Donohoe (singing the National Anthem) and Jack Vallari (leading the Pledge) joined our third graders in performing the song “Community” along with the Hopkinton High School Jazz Band who performed mightily. In addition to fine addresses from our Superintendent Dr. Blake and School Board Chair Dave Luneau, we heard from former Principals Cathy McClure and first HMS Principal Mac Merrill. Daughter of Harold Martin, Marcia Martin Strout, spoke eloquently and in fact, many members of the Martin family were present at the ceremony. 
Of course, we were honored to have NH Governor, Hopkinton resident, and parent of former HMS children Gov. John Lynch address the crowd. He spoke directly to the students and in my favorite quote, stated, “I love Harold Martin School!”
For more on the event, pick up the latest Bow Times edition which features many pictures of the event. You can read the text from the story online as well, by clicking here. Also, check out pictures on the HMS Principal’s Pages. There’s more to come this year as we celebrate Harold Martin School; 50 Years of Learning Together.

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