The Technology Balance

I am about to go out to a movie with my three kiddos and wife and while I’m waiting for everyone to be ready I’m typing out the beginning of this blog post on my Android phone using the WordPress app. I’m sure that later on today I’ll be checking email and I might make a post on Facebook or Twitter.

Am I way over the top? Do I miss components of life because I am on my Android or Mac, or even my wife’s iPad?

A survey from Xobni says that 60 percent of American workers check email during the holidays. Around the same percentage check email on vacation as well. I have to admit that I am part of that majority. I have always used the excuse that I can relax when I know all is well through the lens of email. Certainly that is a large part of my reasoning but I’m know that part of my connection with email and social media is habitual and due to me not wanting to miss anything.

In the end it is about balance. In the meantime, this Android app is pretty slick.

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  1. Interesting post. I think it’s a professional obligation for school leaders to check their email while on vacation or over the holidays. The teacher part of me said I could get through Thanksgiving break without checking my email because my primary responsibility is my students. The admin (teacher leader) part of me required me to check my email as my primary responsibility is my teachers who may need something over break (in my case though, probably not). As a principal, there is a better chance you might have a need crop up from a teacher or another member of your admin team.

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