This Principal is Thankful for Much



It’s Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, my entire family is home, we just had a rare meal with the five of us together and I’m feeling…well, pretty thankful.

On the professional side of life, my job continues to be challenging like all jobs in education. But there is much that I am thankful for as I near December of my 17th year as a building administrator. 

1. My Teachers and Staff

I have enormous admiration for the 50 adults who make up the Harold Martin School staff. This year, we have challenging initiatives in the areas of assessment, PLCs, and a new math program. Our teachers and staff are working so hard, they care so much, and they come every day prepared and ready to face the challenges of teaching 300 very diverse children in a demanding environment. I am most thankful for the adults I work with every day. When I arrive at work, I am truly in the midst of family. 

2. The Hopkinton, NH Community

After serving in this town for 14 years, I am continually amazed by the community’s support for education. Through the years, even in tough economic times, the citizens of Hopkinton have supported our schools with their pocketbooks and more importantly, their verbal and heartfelt support. When there is conflict, we are nearly always able to resolve our misunderstandings professionally. Parents expect much from Hopkinton educators, as they should, but in return we receive strong support.

3. The Students

I work in a town where the vast majority of students are so well taken care of at home that we receive great “pieces of clay”. Our students care for each other, they enjoy their teachers, and they actually look forward to coming to school.

4. Our Resources

I wouldn’t be an advocate for my school if I didn’t want to expand our facility, technology, personnel, and professional development. But truly, I am thankful for spacious classrooms, small class sizes, and a budget that allows for what we need. 

5. My Professional Learning Network

My best network is located right within my school. I am challenged pedagogically by my staff daily and by my one of my closet colleagues, the Hopkinton Superintendent. But I am thankful for the intellect and knowledge I have tapped into through my ASCD colleagues, the NHASCD Executive Board, educators throughout the state, and the over 2000 incredible educators on Twitter. 

Love to receive some feedback. Am I missing potentially missing something? What are you professionally thankful for?

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