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Medium home


I’ve discovered two new blogging platforms recently, both quite different in their styles and purposes…but both have great potential for educators. Let’s chat about Medium and Postachio


This platform comes from one of the originators of Twitter and Blogger, and in fact, your Twiter account is your passage into this program. Medium is truly a community writing effort that encourages free flowing posts that fit into a variety of categories that are already established. Don’t look to put your Twitter feed, links, or any sort of widgets on Medium. You can embed videos and pictures but the draw of this platform comes from the collective wisdom of many. 

Once you sign into Medium with your Twitter account, you have a simple template:

Screen Shot 2013 12 10 at 8 53 41 PMYour write your story, choose your “collection” and then publish. You can point people to your specific URL but you really don’t have much of a separate presence on Medium. But that’s the idea. My home page looks like this:

Medium front page 


A very different blogging platform utilizes Evernote as it’s core. Postachio in an ingenious tool. Once you create your account and pick from a handful of templates, your blog posts are written in Evernote. The program creates a Postachio folder and by generating notes within the Postacho folder and tagging each post with “published” you begin your blog. Here’s what a post looks like in Evernote:


Postachio 1



And here’s the post on the Postachio blog:


Postachio 2 

Give these a shot and I’d love to hear your comments. How are you using these blogging platforms with students?

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