Unpacking ISTE Standards for Students

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ISTE has been championing standards for many years in the midst of an educational standards world that is now emphasizing process over memorization. Tech standards emphasize process by nature and the good news is that ISTE is beginning to unpack their standards and giving resources to educators in order to deliver them in an instructionally appropriate way.

In the #iste17 session Design Your Roadmap to the ISTE Standards for Students, the presenters introduced new ISTE resources that will help teachers and instructional planners. Click here for my full notes from the session.

We have been preaching this mantra for over a decade, but it still rings true: the world is changing and yet our classrooms look much like they did 50 years ago. The Internet has reduced the need for workers who are simply knowledgeable about facts. We need employees who can display higher order thinking, are adaptive to new tools and ideas, and can be learners anytime and any place.

ISTE has also created their Digital Learning Pathways with free links and recommendations to resources for teachers, such as WeVideo, iMovie, and Google Cardboard. (There appears to be an attempt to be fair to the tech giants of Apple, Microsoft, and Google. All three behemoths are well represented at the #iste17 conference.)

ISTE is also debuting paid courses centered on the standards with plenty of animated videos and other materials. 

Most importantly, ISTE is putting some meat to the Standards bone, knowing that busy teachers need manageable tools to get the job done.

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