Weekly Whiteboard * 10-26-10


Don Graves


When I decided to institute the “Weekly Whiteboard” my thought was that it would be easy to keep it up once a week-or at least the title would force me to do so. Perhaps “Bi-weekly Whiteboard” would be more accurate but the lack of alliteration is unacceptable. Either way, here’s the next installment.

  • I am honored to be blogging for Connected Principals, a site produced by Principals who share their thoughts on best practice. My first post is “It’s All About Relationships”.
  • We (NHASCD) brought in Regie Routman to Concord, NH last week. Regie is one of the leading experts on teaching writing K-12 and she shared much insight into the state of education in 2010. We also dedicated the day to Donald Graves, the inventor of the “Writing Process”, and a long-time professor at the University of New Hampshire. Don passed away in September at the age of 80 to very little fanfare considering his impact on our profession. He was an enormous influence on this New Hampshire educator and he will be missed. By the way, a great resource is a list of what Regie is reading these days. Check it out.
  • I finally broke down and bought an iPad last week. But it wasn’t for me…it was a birthday gift for my wonderful, formally non-techy wife. She is loving it as an email, web, and book reading machine. I thought that I wouldn’t want one…but now I’m thinking of all of the ways I would use an iPad, especially as a walk-through tool. It would be much less obtrusive which is a problem with a laptop. Even the silence of the keys is advantageous.
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  1. What a wonderful video-thanks for sharing that Angela. I was blessed to have known Don Graves a bit as I graduated from UNH, had his grandkids in the school I taught in, and got to know him through my former Superintendent. He came and spoke to our district a number of years ago. A gracious and caring man.

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